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Semi-permanent. 2018–

We love visual storytelling. That’s why we were excited to be asked to breathe new life into this permanent exhibition. DressUP uses clothing to tell the stories of people who have made a difference in their community. The interactive exhibition featured a new cartoon and journal space, and included calls to action that asked the audience — could this be you?

Our role was to design the graphics for the interior of the new installation, creating a space that would connect with a younger target audience.

A flattering fit

In designing the space, we wanted to choose a palette that would highlight the exhibition content without overshadowing it. These were highly important and influential figures in history and it was imperative that we captured their personality and spirit, yet maintained a cohesive aesthetic.

Quick draw

Rather than using photography, which was expensive and inconsistent, we decided to work with an illustrator. This allowed us to create a harmonious look across all design aspects and all iconoclasts featured in the exhibition.

The illustrations were deliberately styled to resemble teenage sketches in journals or notepads, using a single colour pencil with shading and fine line work. The typeface and palette were chosen to complement the imagery, with strong, bright colours that would appeal to young minds and reflect the boldness of the characters featured in the exhibition.

The studio would like to acknowledge the illustrative contribution to this project from Tavo Montañez. www.tavomontanez.com

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