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The brands we design are catalysts for engagement. Conversing, interacting and connecting with customer, client and community. Involving audience and evolving attitude.

We have designed brands for the GLAM, Not-for-Profit, Higher Education and Professional Services sectors. These diverse industries all benefited from our design framework that combines an affirmation of market with a distillation of intent, and a clarity of expression.

A brand has the enormous potential to effect the prosperity of your organisation. Knowing this, we guide a rigorous, collaborative process that ensures a collective, flexible and resilient outcome. We don't rush a result, we design brands to last.

A brand project is a project with meaning. Its a core organisational asset that requires deep strategic thinking, tactical creativity and complete emotional buy-in. An all-of-team effort is mandatory. If done well though, its done once.


Marketing Director
Hunter Marketing Co.

I requested Chris' expertise on a branding project for one of my clients, TPS. After working on another project together, I knew Chris could create a high-quality product brand that would complement my client's existing branding. Chris understood the brief from the start, and I knew after a couple of iterations, the client would love what he created. I was impressed by Chris' concepts and his efficient way of working. He made me look good and TPS' internal marketing team has implemented The Ranger brand with ease. It will be a pleasure to work with Chris again in the future.
Marketing Director
Sai Stone — Urblo

Chris not only has a great eye for design but also a deep understanding of the essence of our brand.

With his keen insight and creative vision, he crafted the perfect name, Urblo, for our new business.

Throughout the design process, Chris provided invaluable clarity and guidance, helping us as clients to fully understand and appreciate the essence of Urblo. I appreciate his dedication, creativity, and professionalism, which have played a key role in shaping the brand identity.
Architect / Owner
Open Process Design

I collaborated with Studio Starr to set the foundations of my architectural brand and they absolutely nailed it! The brand identity they crafted perfectly reflects my design philosophy and sets a distinct tone for my practice. It's not just creative, it's strategically designed to resonate with my ideal clients. I couldn't be happier with the results.

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